I narrowed my eyes.

Didn’t they say they still confirmed that the information was true or false?
Why did you decide to retreat immediately?
But Ye Xiangyuan said that after two days of action here in China …
If they didn’t notice Han Qingshan’s evacuation plan, would Han Qingshan just get away?
I tried to calm myself down and looked at Han Qingshan Road. "Since you want to leave China, why are you arresting me? You also know that I have deep feelings with Ayuan. You will make Ayuan angry if you take me away … If you let me go, he may give you a chance to live … "
Han Qingshan eyebrows a pick up to me, almost sticking to my face and smiling, "I really didn’t read you wrong, and you learned to play psychological tactics with me … It’s a pity that Yuyan isn’t like you?"
I’m not used to being approached by his man. Get out of the way
He hooked his lip angle and said, "I caught you because of the rain and smoke, of course. I want you to replace her …"
Thank you, u rice ball! Thanks for the moon-bending rice ball! Thank you, Mi Bao rice ball!
Chapter 423 Zhang Haoyi Qiaozui Zhang
I was not frightened, and my head turned rapidly.
Han Qingshan liked Li Yuyan when she was young. Li Yuyan was so bad-tempered and vicious that he could tolerate her.
This feeling should be profound. He can’t find a substitute.
He may be trying to scare me, or he may have another purpose.
I thought to myself and replied, "Mr. Han is taking me back to Los Angeles?"
Han Qingshan smiled. "I know you don’t want to … you will always forget Ye Ershao without a long time."
I have already calmed down and heard a smile on my lips. "Can Mr. Han forget Miss Li?"
Han Qingshan’s eyes are dark.
I smiled slightly. "I’m afraid Mr. Han took me back to Los Angeles to let me verify the authenticity of those materials?"
Han Qingshan squinted at me.
I looked him in the eye very calmly.
He hooked his lips. "You see, you are always so smart."
So my guess is right.
They arrested me because they thought I could verify the authenticity of the information, and they could blackmail my parents even if I did.
But they had to retreat in a hurry because Ye Xiangyuan took action immediately after they caught me.
I said, "What if I don’t want to?"
Han Qingshan deceives me with his eyes. "Look at your face. Of course I won’t be hard on you, but you can’t see Ye Er less in this generation."
I frowned and said nothing.
Han Qingshan said, "Don’t worry, I will consider it when I give it to you."
It seems that he is determined to take me away.
I’m not afraid of being attacked by him, but I’m afraid of him threatening Ye Xiangyuan with me.
What should I do if I get it?
Han Qingshan didn’t know if he had spied into my mind and suddenly said, "Don’t even think about running away. Where can you run away from this barren mountain?"
I looked at him.
He smiled again. "I also advise you not to commit suicide and save your life. Maybe you can meet Ye Er Shao one day. If you die, you will never see Ye Er Shao again. He may soon forget you, marry and have a baby and put your son aside …"
I know best what kind of person Ye Xiangyuan is.
I’m sure he will remember me all his life, but I’m sure he won’t treat Xiao Chen badly.
Is Han Qingshan disgusting me on purpose?
I simply said, "I won’t worry about Mr. Han."
Han Qingshan turned and sat down in the bamboo chair. Shi Shiran said, "Don’t believe me. His woman may not be able to get into Ye Er. What about Miss Gu?"
I looked at him coldly.
I’m afraid it’s not just disgusting me that he remembers Gu Changyu.
Perhaps I saw my tight body. Han Qingshan’s face smiled a lot. "It is said that she has become a vegetable, but next time I tied her and Zhou Shao saw her talking to Zhou Shao …"
I heard zheng.
Is he telling me that Gu Changyu really woke up long ago?
Don’t Xu Xin guess is to Gu Changyu is to force Ye Xiangyuan to marry her will always pretend to sleep …
My mind suddenly flashed several thoughts.
Han Qingshan sneered at me with a smile. "I think Ye Ershao is also very concerned about Miss Gu. Since they have a romantic concubine, you might as well come with me."
I stared at him.
He sighed lightly. "I can assure you that I won’t move you … Speaking of which, I also think that you are in the same boat with me before I want to help you …"
The tone is particularly real, as if he were really my good friend.
But I’m not stupid. How can I be moved by his words?
I watched him in wonder. "Ah Yuan and I have long known that Miss Gu woke up. Don’t worry, Ah Yuan has already let Miss Gu go."
桑拿Han Qingshan looks into me.
I smiled and said, "I know what Mr. Han wants me to do. You can just say that there is no need to play this kind of mind."
He wants to stay away from me and Ye Xiang, and his ultimate goal is just to let me go back to Los Angeles with him and help him identify those materials.
Han Qingshan eyes slightly sank to speak.
I still smile, "I cherish my life very much. If you threaten my life, I will definitely compromise, which is much more than fooling me."
Han Qingshan looked at me for a while and suddenly reminded me of the "interesting" lip angle.
He got up and walked slowly around me.
I quietly looked at by him.
He stopped and said, "What do you mean, are you willing to help with the appraisal?"
I nodded and said, "You can bring it here now, big sleep."