"My parents don’t have any opinions about my association with Zhiyuan, and they respect our wishes." Fu Qianfan crustily skin of head said that he couldn’t stand so many pairs of eyes staring at her at the same time.

"Without him," the old lady Gao asked again.
When Fu Qianfan frowned, Mrs. Gao added, "Did you say anything about your two getting married? Did your parents say when it would be more appropriate to hold a wedding? What should you prepare for the wedding? What should you pay special attention to? How many tables and seats are you going to set?"
"Grandma" Gao’s old lady interrupted her words before Gao Zhiyuan finished. He would be scared if she didn’t stop Fu Qianfan.
"What did you shout to scare me?" The old lady Gao patted her chest. What a festive thing was frightened by Gao Zhiyuan’s shouting.
"It’s a little early to talk about these things. We just arrived and you have to give us some. Let’s take a break," Gao Zhiyuan said discontentedly.
"What’s too early? You don’t want to know how old you are after the Chinese New Year. We are also nervous about your affairs. Why don’t you understand our mood?" The old lady Gao seemed to be really sad, and her face was sad
"Mom, don’t be angry. Zhiyuan must have planned it. He and Qian Fangang will let them have a rest on the plane. It’s not too late for us to discuss it again." Gao Yunbo persuaded Gao for fear that the old lady would be uncomfortable.
Gao Yunbo seems to be a little early to discuss these issues now. This is Fu Qianfan’s first marriage. He should be more cautious about such a big thing, but his woman is acute and he is used to it.
Gao Yunbo persuaded the old lady Gao’s face to slowly return to normal. Fu Qianfan was also worried just now. Fortunately, nothing happened to the old lady Gao, or she didn’t know what to do. Gao Zhiyuan defended her. She knew but she didn’t agree with Gao Zhiyuan’s handling.
At this time, someone from the kitchen also informed me that the food was ready, so the group moved to the dining room again. She ate all the planes before the plane was not hungry, but she heard that she had prepared all the planes, and she didn’t refuse.
Seeing a table full of dishes now, Fu Qianfan thinks that Mrs. Gao and they may have been waiting for her and Gao Zhiyuan to have lunch until now. She seems to be really like this.
"You’re welcome. You can’t reach whatever you like to eat. Tell grandma to help you." The old lady Gao is angry again, as if she didn’t say those first words just now.
The dining table is very big and long. Although there are many dishes, it is impossible for all departments to taste them all. The old lady Gao asked people to move all the dishes to Fu Qianfan as far as possible to facilitate Fu Qianfan to pick up the dishes.
Fu Qianfan is not hungry, but she is kind and kind, and the old lady Gao is really eating with her and Gao Zhiyuan.
Gaos cuisine is more exquisite than Ji Silan’s, and its taste is different from that of a five-star hotel. She tasted several dishes and found it delicious, and her appetite followed.
What puzzles her is that Gao Zhiyuan is used to eating such delicious food. How can she cook it? Even Ji Silan is far better than Gao Zhiyuan, who has always eaten it with relish. She really ate a lot at home.
"What’s wrong with eating food?" Because of Gao Zhiyuan’s words, Fu Qianfan also put those questions just now, and Gao Zhiyuan’s words also drew everyone’s attention to her again, so Fu Qianfan bowed his head and continued to eat.
After Fu Qianfan bowed his head, others’ eyes turned to Gao Zhiyuan, who looked back at each other with teasing and appreciation, and was very proud.
Lunch was spent in this atmosphere, and then the group returned to the living room. Except Gao Yunbo, who had something to leave, everyone continued to chat, but there was no marriage again. It seems that the old lady Gao also let go.
At lunch, it was more than an hour later than at dinner. At dinner, everyone said that they were still a little full, so they didn’t cook dinner, so they asked the kitchen to cook some porridge and snacks.
In the evening, Fu Qianfan accompanied the old lady Gao to chat with Hu Mei while watching TV programs. Fu Qianfan also told some situations at home. The old lady Gao and Hu Meijing also talked about the interesting things of Gao Zhiyuan’s childhood. Fu Qianfan was fascinated and couldn’t wait to have a look with his own eyes.
Gao Yunbo and Gao Zhiyuan have business to deal with. After dinner, both of them went to the room and were busy until Fu Qianfan went back to the room and didn’t see Gao Zhiyuan appear.
Fu Qianfan is really white. Gao Zhiyuan is really busy. Apart from her home and the hours when she just flew, Gao Zhiyuan has never been idle. Fu Qianfan has finally been white. Gao Zhiyuan failed to call her during the New Year.
When the luggage cart was taken to the room by a servant, Fu Qianfan didn’t know which location of the room was until Hu Meijing took her with him during the break.
Hu Meijing is very careful to familiarize Fu Qianfan with the Gaos family environment. The old lady Gao lives on the first floor. Hu Meijing and Gao Yunbo live on the second floor. Her room is arranged on the third floor.
There are many rooms on the first floor and the second floor. It seems so, because most servants don’t live in this room, and there is an annex building next to the main building, which is for the servants to live in. It may be to come to other places or to let Fu Qianfan think.
There is a garden in front of and behind the house. When I entered the house, I saw it was small, and there was a big garden behind it. Fu Qianfan didn’t really go to see it, but looked at it through the night.
The room is very bright, clean and large, with its own bathroom and sanitation, and a balcony facing the back garden. From the balcony, the scenery must be beautiful. Although it is dark now, the evening breeze still smells of flowers and plants.
The room layout is also close to the European style. The princess-style big bed with hanging veil is carved with golden patterns. The white solid wood furniture is transparent, the glass vase is colorful and the European oil painting is colorful.
Every piece of furniture and every piece of decoration seems to have just moved in. Although this possibility is very small, Fu Qianfan must have put a lot of thought into it when she knew that Hu Meijing and them had decorated her room.
Fu Qianfan opened the suitcase and sorted out a suit. When he opened the wardrobe, he found that there were already many clothes hanging in it. These clothes were all very new and new. Fu Qianfan had never seen them, but Fu Qianfan didn’t think they were old models.
I turned it over a few times and found that the tag was still hung with Fu Qianfan, which is definitely new. Yes, it is the owner of these clothes. These clothes are not like Hu Meijing’s age, but more like her usual dressing style.
It’s for her. Fu Qianfan thinks about it and can think of this answer. The size is exactly the same as her. Hu Meijing or Gao Zhiyuan Fu Qianfan prefers Gao Zhiyuan. Since returning from shopping, Gao Zhiyuan has ordered several sets of clothes for her from time to time. This is Gao Zhiyuan’s style of doing things.
Pack up Fu Qianfan and take a bath in the bathroom. There are pajamas in the bathroom, which are still new, but Fu Qianfan still wears her own habit, which will be more comfortable.
Fu Qianfan walked out of the bathroom and didn’t find any difference until he saw Gao Zhiyuan sitting in her bed. Fu Qianfan was scared and took a small step back. When did Gao Zhiyuan come in? How come there was no sound at all?
"Why are you here?" Fu Qianfan calmed down and asked Gao Zhiyuan to suddenly appear and sit in her bed. She was really nervous.
Because of the tension, Fu Qianfan consciously tightened her pajamas a little and moved to Gao Zhiyuan’s side in small steps. Gao Zhiyuan saw the corners of her mouth slightly curved and Gherardini.
"How did you get in?" Fu Qianfan asked again. It was too quiet and the atmosphere was strange.
"How did what come in? Of course, it came in from the door. This is my home. Do you think I have to sneak around?" Gao Zhiyuan looked at Fu Qianfan carefully after saying that.
Gao Zhiyuan Fu Qianfan’s room has been sitting for a while looking at the closed bathroom door Gao Zhiyuan also knows what’s going on and didn’t go to urge Fu Qianfan to stare at bathroom door all the time.
喝茶约茶  title=Fu Qian, who has taken a bath, has nothing to look at, just like Ming City, wearing long trousers and seeing nothing but his face.
How could she refuse?
However, Gao Zhiyuan knew what kind of body was hidden in this heavy pajamas. After several accidents and such a long period of close contact, Gao Zhiyuan had a complete impression in his mind, so he also had a desire to verify it with his own eyes
Gao Zhiyuan Fu Qianfan’s words are also true. He really wanted to and it was really difficult to give this strong desire to endure.
Now Fu Qianfan’s gesture once again appeared in front of him. It was neither Ming City nor Fu’s home, where he lived since childhood. He suddenly had a feeling that Fu Qianfan was coming towards him gracefully as if he were still waving to him.
"Why did you just come in?" Fu Qianfan couldn’t remember whether she locked the door or not, but Gao Zhiyuan was right. This is his house. Even if it is locked, can’t he open it? But Fu Qianfan still couldn’t help but protest. Fortunately, she got dressed before coming out.
Gao Zhiyuan sneered at "Come here, the tortoise climbs faster than you. Are you going to walk all night?" He couldn’t wait for Fu Qianfan to move slowly, didn’t he?
Fu Qian once said, if only she were a tortoise. The tortoise has a shell and can hide. She has nothing to kill.
However, Fu Qianfan still took his steps and angered Gao Zhiyuan, and the consequences were not what she could bear.
"Sit down" to see Fu Qian who came to the bedside Gao Zhiyuan asked again.
Fu Qianfan took an uncertain look at Gao Zhiyuan’s expression, but he still sat down and sat down next to Gao Zhiyuan.
"Is it so difficult for you to sit down? Do you need to guard against me?" Gao Zhiyuan complained a little disappointed when he saw Fu Qianfan still deliberately keeping his distance from him.
"It’s not that there is no truth, but" Fu Qianfan’s voice is getting smaller and smaller, and Fu Qianfan can’t say it. Can she tell the truth that she is too nervous?
If she says this, Gao Zhiyuan will definitely agree, so take the initiative, okay? And what if Gao Zhiyuan doesn’t mean this, then this sentence will not become a big joke
Gao Zhiyuan’s family told her those words, and Fu Qianfan was still vivid. Gao Zhiyuan suddenly found her intention.
Such a place, such a moment, such an atmosphere, such an explosive situation, it is good for anyone who thinks that her legs are going to go weak and can persist in coming.
"What is it?" Gao Zhiyuan approached step by step. Not only that, but he also leaned forward. Half a person had leaned out. Fu Qianfan could lean back with his arms and support his body, but he still felt that he might fall backwards at any time.
"Nothing," Fu Qianfan replied with a crooked mouth, because he was embarrassed and afraid to look Gao Zhiyuan in the eye. Fu Qianfan turned his face away and deceived himself to see Gao Zhiyuan and wouldn’t find her secret.
Although Gao Zhiyuan didn’t continue to approach, Fu Qianfan still felt that Gao Zhiyuan seemed to stick to her face, and it seemed that there were so many times when her skin grazed that place and it was still burning.
Gao Zhiyuan corners of the mouth with a smile Fu Qianfan words Gao Zhiyuan also believed that Fu Qianfan did not exclude him from being near Fu Qianfan, but Gao Zhiyuan knew that Fu Qianfan was embarrassed and nervous.
Fu Qianfan’s nervousness and embarrassment can be understood by Gao Zhiyuan, and he still thinks that Fu Qianfan is cuter without him, and the girl will not be too active. If Fu Qianfan is too active, Gao Zhiyuan thinks that he may not adapt to him, but he still prefers Fu Qianfan to be like this.
Gao Zhiyuan’s forefinger gently glides across Fu Qianfan’s face, and the skin is smooth and tender, and it is still a little hot and red, as if it still exudes a fragrance, which makes people want to gently bite it.
"Can I?" Gao Zhiyuan asked softly. The manual has not changed, and it is attached to sliding back and forth again and again.
Fu Qianfan’s heart shook heavily, and then the aftershocks kept spreading around, getting bigger and faster, and soon the whole person was completely lost.
What does Gao Zhiyuan mean? Does Gao Zhiyuan mean that? What should I do? How should she answer?
Is Gao Zhiyuan still waiting? What should she say? She doesn’t know.