But I still feel so sorry. Why can’t we be together after all the snow and frost together?

I often wonder if this embarrassing ending is the punishment of God for leaving you once.
After all, everything in the world has a causal cycle.
When I really wanted to spend the rest of my life with you, you turned me away.
Look at the pain I suffered from you many years ago, and now I want to taste the pain.
Enze, I was going to be so cruel to you and hurt you so much in the same way. Do you think it’s enough for you to be satisfied?
I’m frustrated. I’ve never been frustrated. I know I deserve it. Who told me to love you?
I finally understand that it’s sad to love someone, but I can’t cry because I want to cry, so I feel suffocated and sad.
Well, I soon realized that I couldn’t continue to be so negative. Since we were destined to be soul mates in each other’s lives, I chose to let go. I set you free and I set myself free.
I gave myself a long vacation, so I worked hard in the workshop for a while. Wow, take care of it for me. I also travel once and for all.
When you read this letter, you believe that I have already taken the flight to Gotham and flew 30,000 feet high.
I will choose Gotham for this trip, probably because Andersen lived in this Nordic city with ancient magic and rich artistic flavor for most of his life, and many of his works were created here.
I like reading Andersen’s fairy tales since I was a child, and I always look forward to living a happy life in the future like marrying the handsome princess Wang Meili in the fairy tale.
At that time, I always believed that all the stories in Andersen’s fairy tales were true. Later, I got to know you, me, the handsome king and I all came down to it, so I believed that the reason for fairy tales was precisely because of this. From beginning to end, I tasted not life, but in my own fairy tales.
You are a fairy tale of mine, a beautiful dream, and when you wake up, you leave me.
What? Until this moment, I still believe that all the stories in fairy tales are true. I chose GeHagen, who exudes fairy tale temperament, so naive to me. I still have a little fantasy about us. I will get better soon.
I know very well that we can’t change the fact.
I will move out of your villa when I come back from a trip. We are not husband and wife, so I don’t need to live with you in Anbao. I won’t force him to live with me all the time. He can live with you and me in turn to try to get him equal love and care from his parents.
It’s because I’m worried about Anbao, so please take good care of Anbao these days. Although we can’t give Anbao a complete home, at least we can continue to love him wholeheartedly, can’t we? It’s rare that we can have Anbao as smart and sensible as this. It’s a godsend to give you my valuable price.
You always hope that I can find a better partner for me. Do you have it for nothing? You are my partner. My husband has an amber and a father. His name is Yu Enze.
You once told me that Su Lixia will live and die without regret.
桑拿I also want to tell you that you can never marry me or you can never marry me
Enze, it’s time to say goodbye to our feelings, and goodbye will be seen again.
I left you, that’s what you want, but I can tell you are not happy because you still love me.
People who love each other torture each other, right?
Who is wrong for the two of us to get to this point?
Maybe we are all at fault, maybe we are not at fault.
But then again, how can love be right or wrong?
It’s a shame for the two of us to really love each other.
Enze, see if I’m tired of talking so much?
That’s it then. Stop it.
Well, finally, I want to tell you to take good care of Amber.
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Beginning of Summer
Yu Enze stared stupefied at the misty eyes of the letter, and there was a tight pain in his throat as if his heart had lost half.
Amber looked up and locked Yu Enze tightly. "Are you ashamed that Mom and Dad chose to let you go? Don’t you regret it?"
Chapter one hundred and fifty-six You deserve it
Yu Enze fought back the tears that were about to burst into his eyes. He held Anbao in his arms. He didn’t dare to meet Anbao’s calm but sharp vision. He was afraid that Cong Anbao would easily see through his mind. That was his deep sadness and sadness.
"Amber, I never regret loving your mother." Yu Enze whispered in Amber’s ear, "But I have a guilty conscience about your mother."
"Dad, do you think it’s because you didn’t marry your mother?" Amber is questioning but her eyes are firm
Yu Enze sighed a phoenix with wet eyes. "This is on the one hand, I have always been sorry for her."
"Dad, I know that you regret that your mother left you. You are sad." Anbao’s tender little hand gently picked up Yu Enze’s melancholy face, which is very similar to his father’s phoenix eyes. "Seeing that you and your mother are sad, my heart is like dropping blood. I don’t know why you and your mother have to torture each other. You can be together."
"Amber, things are not like that." Yu Enze’s voice became hoarse. He has been trying to control his emotions. "You can tell clearly that you are still young when you grow up."
"Dad, I don’t want to grow up, and I don’t want to be white." Amber’s tears gushed. "I want my father and mother to be together forever. Dad, you can’t bear to part with your mother, right? Dad, you can get your mother back, okay? Mom, she loves you so much, and you love your mother to the bone. Dad, can you get your mother back and marry her wife?"
"Anbao’s father understands your feelings" and his heart is like a needle. Yu Enze can hold tight and sob. Anbao suppresses the pain and comforts him. "But we must learn to accept the reality. Would you please give mom and dad some time to calm down? Your mother is really tired. She needs to have her own journey to set herself free. Let her be free and she will prove everything."
Amber gradually stopped crying. He wiped his little face with crystal tears. Feng’s eyes were still wet. Yu Enze was locked tightly. "Dad, you must deceive yourself. How can I not know that mom is not letting herself go? Mom is just like you. She is escaping from you and herself."
Yu Enze looked at the sharp eyes with palpitation. He was shocked that Anbao had learned to gain insight into people’s hearts at an early age. Yu Enze was right for a while
In order to change the subject, Yu Enze hurriedly raised his hand and looked at a wristwatch. "It’s late for Anbao. We’ll take you to school after breakfast."
The clock on the office wall shows that Xiao Lin packed up his office after finishing work at seven o’clock in the evening. When he was about to leave and passed by Yu Enze’s office, he suddenly saw Yu Enze staring blankly at the window. She politely knocked on the door and woke up in good faith. "Don’t you go after the shift?"
Wang Ma called Yu Enze before, and she told him that she had taken Amber home from school. After supper, the little guy went to bed early and fell asleep.
Long summer left because of disappointment, which made Yu Enze feel heavy and ashamed. He didn’t want to drag his bad mood home
As soon as he gets home, he will see Anbao. As soon as he sees Anbao, he will try to stop thinking about long summer on the other side of the world. Then Anbao will definitely see through his mind and feel sorry for him, so he chooses to stay in the company to calm down his depression.