Of course, the disease method won’t let the dancer MM throw a [petrification] as she wishes. Because the disease method is strong, the success rate of [petrification] is correspondingly affected. If the [freezing] doesn’t hit the dancer MM this time, she won’t be so lucky. Suddenly, she was completely wrapped in thin gray mud.

The disease method went to the dancer MM. He knew that there were ten seconds when the petrochemical was fixed, and the dancer MM said, "Give up?"
Look at the dancer MM, who was so angry that he wanted to kill his eyes. A [rocket technique] plus three sticks hit the dancer MM and disappeared into a white light.
Unified announced that "the player wins by disease!"
The fourth chapter first three
The fourth chapter, the first three, the fourth chapter, the first three
One afternoon, the capital area was like a battlefield. Many failed players came out of the players’ lounge crying and cursing. Of course, others didn’t look around all the time, but more advanced players all the way. One afternoon, LV7-LV79 groups were left, and the top ten were selected for the leapfrog challenge. Of course, both I and Disease and Law won the top ten with excellent results, but speaking of it, I haven’t become famous for the disease and law. This guy killed his opponent in a gorgeous way in the game, and no player surrendered himself. Therefore, he was also called "hunting mage"
As for me, few people watch my game, and my opponent will never tell anyone if he tells others that I was killed by a beginner, then he can’t wash away his shame by jumping off a building to commit suicide.
At noon, I discussed the details of the battle with the disease method, such as what spell should be used when attacking, whether to hit three roads or three roads. At noon, it was not enough for us to say a few words.
Speaking of it, it seems that we have a relationship with the underground waterway. The place where we chat now is the underground waterway. If we chat in the capital now, let alone that I am already famous enough. Now I am a hot hand, and many guilds are vying for it. Of course, they can’t do it because I have to build my own guild. How can I let my number one general go to others? However, if I go undercover, I don’t object to the means to achieve my goal. It’s still unnecessary to plan too much. This is a time when I was fighting for hegemony. Although I don’t remember it, this sentence has become my motto.
☆        ☆        ☆
The horse race is about to start in the afternoon, and I immediately prepared everything with the disease method. Speaking of it, we didn’t have a bottle of white potion or an ice cream (plus a small amount of health and magic power) all afternoon.
In the top ten games, I played the first game with Disease Law, so I couldn’t see his game. I walked into the venue and immediately attracted a burst of ridicule from the players.
"You see a beginner in the top ten. The guy who competes with him is an idiot."
"God, it turns out that others in this group are so weak. If I had known, I would have participated."
"You are optimistic about cuteness, and the first heart actually appears in the top ten."
桑拿网Of course, in addition to these retarded people, there are still wise people who can see what is coming, including the presence of soldiers. I really fought him
Tianwu in the lounge of LV9-LV99 group is watching my game, and she is wondering,’ How do you feel that I have seen this person before? I just can’t remember’.
The soldiers in the small town attached to the capital also watched my game, but he thought it was another matter.’ Elegant, I can’t believe that Tong will let you lift the wanted order. What exactly are you doing? A beginner can make it into the top ten. Let me see if you are qualified to be my opponent. There are not many people in this game who are my opponents. Hahahaha!’
At the beginning of the game, my opponent is a wizard who may have just changed his job. Judging from his equipment, he must be the main force of a guild.
Similarly, as soon as I entered the venue, I used three skills [angel blessing] [acceleration] [angel barrier], but this time I almost made many players fall to the ground and watched a beginner use his skills.
And my opponent, the wizard, didn’t know whether he was good at cultivation or stunned and never moved.
Unified announced that "the game started!"
I haven’t fought against wizards yet, but their skills are really very good. If you give them enough time, it’s equivalent to digging your own grave.
Acceleration enabled me to approach the wizard at a super speed. As soon as the wizard saw me in the past, he threw his feet with a [dark barrier] without singing [ice blade wall], and immediately made four huge ice walls square to wrap the wizard’s body. I knew at a glance that I had met an old hand. Although this person was not high in rank, he was definitely strong.
I immediately made a [mental cohesion] (short-term high agility and avoidance rate can overlap its skills) and then concealed it to make the appearance disappear immediately.
The wizard is reading the ultimate spell of ice [Blizzard], and now he is just in the middle of reading it when he suddenly sees that his opponent has disappeared. His opponent has disappeared and he is about to finish reading [Blizzard], and he doesn’t know where to throw it.
However, the sorcerer who has been singing incantations will stop himself unless he is interrupted by an attack. Finally, the powerful effect of throwing a snowstorm at his side will be immediately displayed. Snow white clouds suddenly appear in the range of 20 meters, and the PK field suddenly blows up the wind, blowing the snowflakes floating from the clouds all over the sky with sharp snowflakes at an extremely fast speed. An ice wall beside the sorcerer immediately collapses into pieces of broken ice [snowstorm]. The effect is thirteen seconds. I quietly wait for my heart to silently count’ one, two, three …
When the time came, I immediately showed up and threw a [slow-down technique] at him. The wizard wanted to recite the spell again, but it was too late. There was a gap in the ice wall. I ducked into the ice wall, and the leader’s sword pointed at the wizard’s head, so I immediately dropped the poor little wizard with a [holy spirit call].
Pat your ass easily. I’ll send some to the lounge
Off-site to watch the game, the audience all stopped breathing in unison, and everyone was shocked and speechless. A beginner will not only serve professional skills, but also hide the mage [Call of the Holy Spirit]. How come no one in this system has ever heard or seen it!
Of course, I don’t care about everything outside. Anyway, I’m in high spirits now. After more than a dozen games, I’ve made great progress in my fighting skills. When I turned on the screen to watch the disease-fighting competition, he was still struggling. His opponent was a priest MM, and they fought for twenty minutes without a tie. The priest MM’s attack could have made the mage lose less life, but how she attacked the disease-fighting method was like nothing, and the magic attack didn’t directly strike the priest, a profession with high magic defense. Pastor MM helped herself to make up for her fast life value, and the result turned into a long battle. After the last twenty minutes, it was decided by the system that the disease method won, because the disease method knocked out the other side’s life value, but it was also because of this that the disease method and this pastor MM became friends in need. Later, we learned that this woman turned out to be the vice president of the Wonderland Girls’ Union’ Qian Qian Xun’
Chapter V Tianwu
Chapter V Tianwu
Of course, the top ten suspense in the LV7 category of our institute was promoted by my first place. However, this top ten battle made me more addicted to the limelight and made many people start to question that there are bugs in Wonderland. Otherwise, how can a beginner make so many professional skills?
And the disease method also entered the top five, but this time he met the strong knight MM Tianwu. I can sigh a lot about this knight MM. At the beginning, when she picked five, she simply killed the opponent’s charm easily in 32 seconds, which made me deeply understand that strength is the source of everything!
I easily passed the second hunter and began to watch. I was looking forward to illness VS sky dance, but I’m sure if illness changes jobs, it will definitely be a disease.
"Game on!"
Dancing in Heaven often involves several skills [dominating the body] [provoking] [increasing the attack speed of two-handed swords] and then riding the knight’s mount’ Toucan’ to take the red giant sword from the back and rush to the disease method with one foot clamped.
However, the disease method knows that if the heavenly dance is directly collided, it is very likely that he will be killed by seconds. Although he has more than 10,000 health points, he can’t stand the knight’s sudden impact. Therefore, he immediately blocked the heavenly dance with three walls of fire, followed by the disease method [dark barrier] and began to sing [thunderbolt] (a small range of lightning strikes have a chance to paralyze the enemy).
Tianwu didn’t look at the fire wall skill [collision] in front of him (instantaneous high impact force requires a mount). As soon as a toucan was thrown at the fire wall at twice the speed, the first fire wall was "bang". The red giant sword of Tianwu responded and the impact didn’t stop. The second fire wall was immediately broken. Although he heard me say that Tianwu was a knight MM, he didn’t expect to be so brave when he really fought. Three fire walls were broken through two in a second and [Thunder Blasting] was still in the middle.
The third wall of fire was broken after more than a second by the heavenly dance. The heavenly dance looked at the disease and sneered at the corners of the mouth. As soon as the giant sword in the top was collected, he took out a three-meter-long’ Death sickle’ from his backpack and swept away the original blade against the disease. Eleven times [the dark barrier] was offset by the double attack of the’ Death sickle’ effect. The heavenly dance only slightly rotated five times, leaving [the dark barrier] with one chance to block.