I had a rest outside the city for more than an hour. When my physical strength recovered to about 50%, I could send a message. I immediately told Chris where I was, and Chris also told me that she was in the villa of the Second Emperor of the Magic Capital, and the location of the villa was very hidden. She didn’t know where it was, but Skeeter will send someone to pick me up now, and I will just wait. Of course, in the process, my transformer changed my pupil appearance, or I will definitely be recognized by Skeeter. I haven’t recognized who Skeeter is yet, and it is impossible to believe him completely.

As soon as I closed my eyes and rested, the pupil sound came up. "Master, someone is close to me." When I opened my eyes, I saw four people coming to me quickly. It turned out that it was just the beginning. I saw the heterogeneous inferno guarding the black forest, and I saw the gold in the front and said, "Elegant?"
I nodded, and the monster pointed to himself and said, "Ride in Langli!" As soon as I heard it, I knew it was the Langrik brothers. With the four of them, I was too embarrassed to ask Pupil to carry on. I secretly told her to pick up the duckweed and follow me, and of course I wanted the first few exotic demons to carry me forward.
They didn’t move in the direction of the magic capital, but moved southwest of the magic capital. Before they arrived, they heard Chris say "escape!" A flash of a figure jumped me from Langli and was hugged tightly and rolled to the ground.
"Fool, am I all right?"
品茶论坛Chris’s little hand kept hammering at my chest. "You worried me to death. You’re the fool."
"They are still watching? Pull me up quickly or I won’t have the strength to get up myself. "
After wiping my tears, Chris lifted me up, and at this moment, Skeer was in front of us. I held out my hand and smiled, "Hello, I am elegant!" "
Siegel also smiled and held out his hand. "Hello, I’m Siegel!" "
I said to the back, "Follow me."
The expression on the pupil’s face nodded. At this moment, I found something abnormal about the pupil. Why did it become a nod now because the pupil just answered yes? But it didn’t take me long to forget this doubt.
Chapter 10 Ma situation
We followed Skeeter to his secret stronghold, which was just like ordinary residential houses, and we didn’t see it was Skeeter’s secret stronghold at all.
As he walked along, Skeer introduced me and said, "This is a stronghold in the anti-magic alliance."
"anti-magic alliance?"
Skeer nodded and continued, "The shadow of war has never ended since the reign of the demon king. Many people have endured to unify the demon world. After that, the demon king has not * * * called people to open a channel to another world and push the war to the abyss of death. Therefore, our anti-demon alliance was born because of the situation, and I am the executor of a plan."
As soon as Siegel said it, I understood that Siegel’s goal was to put the ambitious second emperor on the throne of the devil. Then the second emperor’s life of wine and meat would definitely not start a war casually, and the underworld is still unified, and there is no place for him to start a war in another plane. The second emperor would definitely not get his hands on it; There must be a second and third plan mentioned by Skeer. I don’t see that the strength of Skeer’s anti-magic alliance is still quite strong, but I still have my own plans. I don’t really want to get involved in the disputes in the underworld. If duckweed can seal the pylorus and eliminate the method of making pylorus, it will be tantamount to isolating the two worlds
Seeing that I had entered the room, I first said, "Skeeter, I want to have a rest and talk about it when I recover my strength." Of course, I was embarrassed to refuse when I said this. Anyway, I saved his life, and he certainly could not refuse.
Finally, I saw a cutie bed and jumped into the game. I didn’t even try to sleep in the bed. Chris followed me and came in with duckweed in the back pupil. Chris looked puzzled and didn’t ask me anything, which made me very moved.
I grabbed Chris in my arms. "Silk, you’ll never guess how I got out and who these two people are."
Chris blinked. "Hum, you’re going to heaven. Let me guess." Chris shook his head for a while and still couldn’t think of who these two people were when he came to the plane. From the appearance, one of them was still in a coma, and the other silly wait for a while couldn’t think of anything.
"Well, I give up. I didn’t expect you to tell me who it is?"
I kissed Chris deeply on the mouth until both of us were breathless, and then I said, "That man in a coma is that we are looking for duckweed and a blacksmith!" "
"ah? Really? That’s great. "
I stopped Chris from getting excited and continued, "You wouldn’t think that she is the princess of the underworld today."
"What?" Chris was shocked to hear this, but I was going to explore the position and pupil of the prison a few days ago. I didn’t expect to suddenly enter the prison and suddenly bring back the two most important people
I told Chris everything that happened. When I heard that The Hunger reappeared, Chris was amazed. At the same time, my side pupil was slightly shaking. I continued to tell Chris my plan. Finally, we both decided to do it my way. Only in this way can we eradicate the underworld and enter again.
I let the bed next to the pupil sleep, and I slept with Chris. Of course, duckweed also slept with the pupil. Now it’s just to regain physical strength. I always think that if it weren’t for Chris, maybe I wouldn’t pay so much attention to the fairyland. If it weren’t for the snow queen, maybe I wouldn’t have come to the underworld. If I didn’t care about my sister’s idea, I wouldn’t have promised her to complete such an impossible task. Thinking about the dawn, I still don’t know how many hours the underworld is counted by day and night, but at this time, the servant
Duckweed didn’t wake up one night. I went to see Skeeter with Chris.
After I left the room, duckweed woke up immediately and said respectfully to the pupil, "How did you come here in the Princess Hall?"
Pupil is also a dull expression eyes instantly send out a terrifying light "duckweed you are not a prisoner? Why are you here? How can you be with that person called elegant? "
"Princess Hall, I was taken away from the prison by a red-blooded person, and then I was in a coma and didn’t know anything."
"You continue to cheat sleep without my command never wake up, I still need this person to help me do something to eat me cheap is it so easy? Hey! "
I was talking with Siegel about the underworld. From his mouth, I knew that the underworld was ruled by seven countries, but the demon king came to power to make an expedition to the east and the west, and finally unified the whole underworld. The rebels in the former country wanted to restore the country all the time, so there was an anti-demon alliance, but not everyone in the alliance agreed. Some people wanted to overthrow the demon king and return to the situation of the seven countries in the past. Some people wanted to rebuild a new empire, but Siegel wanted peace and let the two emperors take control of the underworld. There would definitely be no war, even if the two emperors took control of the underworld. It’s a fool. The five generals in the underworld are enough to control the sky, and these five generals will swear to be loyal to the demon world from generation to generation. Such a heavy oath shows loyalty. In addition, the composition of the demon world is very complicated. At most, magic people account for 70%, and they have strong reproductive ability and learn various martial arts very quickly. Their race does not have this advantage. Even the strongest warrior like djinn can bow to the demon king because of too few people.
Knowing all this, I’m even more sure that I should seal off the pylorus. I’d better not get involved in such a complicated matter as the underworld. However, to deal with Skeeter, we still need to make a temporary agreement with Skeeter to help each other, and then we will go back to the room.
Everything in the room is the same, and the pupil has not been moved. I am satisfied. I looked at the pupil, which is really too beautiful, but I dare not look at it casually.
On the third day, duckweed still didn’t wake up. At this time, I already felt something was wrong. The Hunger wouldn’t have put duckweed in a coma for so long. Gently taking the duckweed mask came into view. It was a slightly childish child’s face, which surprised me. At first, I thought duckweed was a dwarf race. I didn’t expect to see her as a 12-or 13-year-old child. Is this a genius in the underworld?
Chapter 11 sudden change
"Silk, why didn’t you come to check a duckweed for so long? It’s been three days." Chris heard that she immediately started to check it. Although her ability is not strong now, she can still do the general inspection. But after a physical examination, Chris still didn’t find out what was wrong with the duckweed, but I kept observing what it was. Magic people don’t need to eat or drink like us fairyland people. They still need to eat once every two days. But duckweed hasn’t eaten or drunk for three days, and even the pupil ate last night. What is this? Suddenly I remembered the pupil, as if I had a good appetite yesterday and ate a lot of food. I suddenly got up. Don’t …
At this moment, I suddenly realized that I couldn’t move myself, and Chris’s figure was slowly soft and fell to the bed. I was so frightened that I immediately wondered what had happened.
Pupil blowing air in my ear and said, "Is it fun for me to be elegant?" Ha ha ….. "I feel a little desperate when I hear this. I didn’t expect that even The Hunger can’t cope with the devil wears a pupil. I’m not sitting now, especially Chris is in a coma. Suddenly I think of Chris as my pet. I immediately put away my pet Chris and woke up. It’s too late for duckweed to catch Chris. It’s okay. I laughed. Of course, this ushered in a dark thump on the pupil, which made my body tremble.
"Duckweed, watch the door and don’t let anyone in."
"It’s the Princess Hall."
Duckweed immediately locked the door and threw me out of bed. My cold face knew that I was going to have bad luck. Who knew that the pupil suddenly became callous? "What’s the master’s order?"
What’s going on here? Is The Hunger’s hypnosis not ineffective but not effective enough? On and off? I tried to ask, "Tie the duckweed with the pupil."
"It’s the master!" Two or three hands and feet tied the duckweed with the pupil, and just after it was tied, the pupil suddenly kicked me. Before I could respond, my whole body crashed into the wall and made a muffled sound. My life almost gave the pupil a foot to the bottom. This is because I have no defense.
"I sent it again!" As soon as I heard the pupil say this, I was sure of what I thought, but I really hope that the pupil will send it again at this moment, but it seems that the pupil is quite good for the time being.