Forbes is a fortune, and American magazines are famous for their various prestige rankings.

The Forbes flag includes Forbes Ball Rich List, Forbes Royal Rich List, Forbes Chinese Rich List, Forbes Heads of State List, Forbes World Brand List, Luxury Brand List, Fund List, City List, University List and so on.
Most of the "Forbes Top 100 Celebrities" come from film and television actors, directors, variety hosts, models, athletes, artists, musicians and other industries 3.
The celebrity list is comprehensively evaluated and compared according to the influence of the celebrity ball, annual income, media coverage, number of fans and network influence.
However, the specific ranking is influenced subjectively by the editors and principals of the magazine.
From a capitalist American magazine, football is not in the mainstream of the United States, and Lu Wenbin is also a socialist China player.
Therefore, in the past few years, although Lu Wenbin has long been famous, his ranking in Forbes’ list of the top 100 celebrities has also climbed year by year, but he has not been able to reach the top directly.
Last year, Lu Wenbin ranked third behind singer Jennifer Lopez and talk show host Oprah Winfrey in Forbes’ Top 100 Celebrity List.
However, at the end of last year, he led Real Madrid to complete the first six championships in the prehistory of world football, scored 16 goals a year, won the Golden Globe Award for three consecutive championships, and won the Lawrence Award for three consecutive championships. After this year, he led Real Madrid to complete the sixth championship of the season, and Forbes did not rank Lu Wenbin the first place.
Whether it’s the influence of the ball or the ability to make money or the number of fans, Lu Wenbin is far ahead of others.
Even if football is not developed, Lu Wenbin of the United States is also a famous economist. Yu Xiao is a superstar who is more famous than Jennifer Lopez and Oprah Winfrey.
Most of the time, Americans occupy the first place by themselves. The Forbes list of the top 100 celebrities was announced on June 26, and it was finally replaced in 213.
Lu Wenbin, a football player from China, beat Oprah Winfrey, Steven Spielberg, Madonna and other American celebrities to the top of the Forbes list in 2013.
Lu Wenbin became the first celebrity officially recognized by Forbes in 2013.
Although fu
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Booth admits that Lu Wenbin is the most famous star in the world, but a prestigious Forbes celebrity list can still influence many people.
The fact that Lu Wenbin topped the summit was acknowledged by both the people and the government, which had a great impact on Lu Wenbin’s advertising endorsement income and his own sales of 666 cards in the coming year.
At that time, the media rushed to report this incident, saying that Lu Wenbin’s ranking was real and worthy of the name, which pushed Lu Wenbin higher.
On June 27th, the day after the release of Forbes Celebrity List, belo horizonte, Brazil and China played the first semi-final of the 213 Confederations Cup, and China’s group match was held at Miro Stadium.
The second semi-final of Spain vs Italy will be played the next day.
Before the Brazil-China match, FIFA arranged a mourning ceremony. Players and spectators mourned Cameroonian player Vivian Fu together.
One year ago today, June 27, 2003, it was also the Confederations Cup and the semi-final. Vivian Ford, a Cameroonian player, died of a heart attack in Colombia at the age of two.
Vivian Ford’s sudden death caused a strong dissatisfaction with FIFA, because the Confederations Cup was a biennial event that seriously overdrawn the players’ physical fitness.
It was the sudden death of Vivian Ford that FIFA reformed the competition system under the pressure of public opinion, and changed the biennial Confederations Cup to a four-year one, and fixed that the year before the World Cup would be hosted by the host country of the next year’s World Cup.
After mourning the Cameroon star a year ago, the game officially started.
China team except Lu Wenbin Zheng Zhilai is a player who can reach the level of five major league teams.
But now that Zheng Zhi is injured, China team has Lu Wenbin to support the overall situation alone.
Brazil has old teammates like Marcelo and Gustavo, as well as stars like Cesar, Alves, Tiago Silva, David Luis, paulinho, Oscar and Mar.
Just by looking at the comparison, no one thinks that the China team can be upset.
The chances are too small, even if Lu Wenbin is stronger.
Sure enough, despite Lu Wenbin guarding the backcourt, Brazil scored easily and happily.
In the 13th minute, Brazil played a subtle short match with Lu Wenbin, Wang Yongpo, Feng Xiaoting, Zhao Peng and others in the frontcourt, and was scored into the forbidden zone by Brazil without even touching the ball. Finally, Mal shot low to break the goal.
In the 21st minute, Lu Wenbin personally took the ball back and hit the bottom line when he hit Cesar.
Later, although Lu Wenbin’s corner kick turned into the door frame, it was directly held in Cesar’s arms and did not even give China a chance to shoot again.
In the 37th minute, the Brazilian team made a breakthrough from Marcelo’s side and then cut around to shoot from the far corner.
After scoring the goal, Marcelo also smiled at Lu Wenbin specially, and Lu Wenbin could shake his head to show nai.
Before the end of the class, paulinho straight forward Fred turned offside to form a single knife
Fortunately, Lu Wenbin chased Fred back into the forbidden area, and a precise tackle shoveled the ball from the side without even a foul, which destroyed the Brazilian team’s attack.
China finally pulled back a point in the 63rd minute at halftime.
This time, it was Lu Wenbin who assisted to find Lei Wu and formed an attack on the corner of Wu Lei’s forbidden zone. After receiving Lu Wenbin, he lost the opportunity to shoot alone in the forbidden zone.
But Deng Zhuoxiang rushed from behind.
桑拿会所Wu Lei hit the middle of the road, and Deng Zhuoxiang made a long-range shot outside the forbidden area and scored a high-quality shot that penetrated Cesar’s fingers.
China pulled back a point but it didn’t help.
In the 75th minute, Brazil scored another goal from Mal to expand the score to 31.
Since then, neither side has scored again.
Three minutes after stoppage time, the referee blew the whistle of the end of the game. China lost 13 of the semi-finals of the Confederations Cup in 2013 to the host Brazil to stop the semi-finals.
There was no accident and no surprise. Even with Lu Wenbin leading the team, China lost the game because of its overall strength.
Chapter 667 Three or four finalists
The Brazilian team Lu Wenbin didn’t assist, score, win or enter the final in this semi-final.
Therefore, after the game, Lu Wenbin has no experience at all, let alone enter the finals and win the championship award.
Before the start of the game, Lu Wenbin dreamed of winning, advancing to the final and getting rewards to upgrade his Italian ball skills to the master level.
It seems that the Italian ball upgrade will have to wait.
After the game, China didn’t enter the final, and Lu Wenbin didn’t even qualify for the championship.
Lu Wenbin had to compete in the previous career to win the championship, and his unbeaten body finally broke this year’s Confederations Cup.
After the game, the media reported that Lu Wenbin stopped the semi-final of China team. Of course, the point is that Lu Wenbin can win the championship if he wants to participate in the competition.