I agree! The sound is dull without any emotional ups and downs.

Maka agreed and nodded, which was almost the only choice.
The rapid expansion of the halfmagic man has made life worse for all. The undead division that has been suppressed for thousands of years is also brewing an evil plan. The whole world is like a mess.
Everyone has a reason to leave, and the sooner you leave, the safer you are.
Now that the security law guarantees it, we can write articles on speed.
Once you have decided, let’s act now.
spa会所  title=According to the former intelligence, it is easy to kill them off guard because they were transferred to find and control the halfmagic man near the mutant monster in Reese.
Plus the rebels, a total of about 200 people packed up and set off at once.
The food base of the army luggage is full of things, rings, branding and roads can also be supplemented, which should enable these people to reach the surface.
Besides, everyone prepared a lot of compressed food on this trip, which was also the way that Master Shan came up with.
Grain mixed with dried meat powder needs a small portion to be enough energy.
Everyone carries a lot of this dehydrated food on their backs, and there is not enough for everyone to eat for two weeks.
Hao’s moisture is mixed with a faint fishy smell, and the eyebrows of Master Shan and others are wrinkled before they get close to that secret place.
Everyone has experienced many battles, and they are too familiar with this smell. It is the smell of blood.
Maca’s activities are not suitable for the new arms, pressing the palms to signal everyone to stop, and his face is a little more serious. The situation is not right. Go and see Sam.
Master Shan nodded and turned back into a human being, quickly sticking to the cave wall and acting forward.
Not far behind Master Shan, two slightly fluctuating shadows followed closely behind him, and the doubleedged scarlet Tracy was also breathing ahead to explore the way.
Master Shan suddenly stopped, and a demon man who was torn into two and a half appeared in his sight, holding his breath and listening for a long time without any movement. Master Shan changed back to assembling his chest and mouth, and fished out the abandoned body, giving full play to light and heat.
ding! Swallow an intermediate halfdemon and get a physical bonus of 1 point!
The intermediate halfmagic man is losing its effect, sighing that Master Shan is moving on, and a large number of halfmagic men’s bodies soon appear in his sight.
When I got here, Shanyeji decided what to play, and she rushed into the halfmagic camp. It was a dead silence, and no one was alive.
Master Shan was not very picky about food, and immediately had a quick meal before everyone came over.
ding! A bonus for devouring lowlevel halfmagic people!
ding! Swallow an intermediate halfdemon and get a physical bonus of 1 point!
ding! Swallow a senior halfdemon and get a physical bonus of 24 points!
I think it’s tedious for Master Shan to directly start exploration to find advanced and intermediate bodies. After the intermediate bodies failed, Master Shan found seven advanced semimagic bodies, which was a lot of gains.
Grade 1
Power 35
Constitution 33
Agile 1
J and jīng Shen 1
The constitution reached 33 points, and the blood value increased to 66 points. Compared with the human body, this assembly is stronger. I don’t know how many chips are raised. It is because of the strong assembly that Master Shan rarely makes the human body now. Because of the dangerous world, it is always right to be careful.
Dark green Se body fluid splashes, and a normalsized body is slowly stuffed into the chest and mouth like a bottom hole.
Even an averagesized man can easily swallow his chest and mouth now. When everyone can’t bear to come and check the situation, he happens to see Master Shan squirming his chest and mouth to swallow the last senior halfmagic man.
Maca and Camus don’t feel anything. They look around carefully.
There was a lot of worry in Dali’s eyes, but she didn’t say anything at last.
Including the old clan, all the kobolds are prostrate and their heads are full of fear.
Bella was so frightened that she just hugged Dahlia’s arm and didn’t dare to look at Grandpa Ivy. She was pale and hid in the corner, vomiting. The only thing that didn’t change was that she still smiled and looked at Grandpa Emma.
Take a panoramic view of everyone’s expression. Grandpa wiped the green Se saliva from the corners of his mouth. When he passed Emma slightly, stop for a minute went to Camus and Maca. They were all dead as if they had been ravaged by some monster. Looking around, Grandpa almost flew to the camp and sank.
There are dead people everywhere, both stone houses and mud houses have been destroyed, but there are halfmagic bodies everywhere, but none of the enemy bodies are very puzzling
Master Shan has seen halfmagic people fighting, even if they are defeated, they will not leave an enemy without hundreds of lowlevel halfmagic people, more than 40 intermediate halfmagic people and more than 10 senior halfmagic people. What do you think is not easy to eat?
Camus and Maca looked at each other and immediately got the tacit understanding to suppress the uneasiness in their hearts. No matter what happened here, the horse off the ground is the real world.
Goo ~! Hey ~! Goo ~! Hey ~!
A strange sound came to comfort Lord Bella, and immediately his eyes shrank and his muscles tightened.
Looking at the face, Se, the upheaval, Master Shan, and everyone was at a loss to see him playing Se and running towards Maca and Camus.
There was a surge of soil beside Maca, and the big earthworm showed its ferocious head and huge mouth cavity. From time to time, it clicked and closed its sharp jagged teeth to bite back and forth in the excellent mouth of the bomb.
The whole body is quickly condensed into a large sword mans floating ShaQi overflowing breathtaking.
Camus also a face of cautious right eye skin peeling exposed surface covered with khaki Se gem eyeball large khaki milli light like a curtain floating in front of Camus.
Master Shan grabbed the dragon’s flesh and blood hook in his right hand and grabbed a giant axe in his left hand, waving a few awkwardly and finally adapting slightly.
This new arm, which is also thick and covered with gray Se long hair, was made by Master Shan and asked Camus to install it for himself.
Although it is slightly smaller than the deformed exaggerated right arm, it is also better than the previous thin left arm that has shrunk into dry wood.
17 Midao Store
Of course, Master Shan also paid 2,000 experience points, which is necessary to readjust this digital body.
Leaving the earth world is not a simple matter. If you want to return to the human world alive, you must be fully prepared.
Hua! There was a noise, and with the dust scattered, a monster slowly stood in the ruins
The crustaceans are as thick as stones, and each piece is palmsized and stacked like a hill. The limbs are thick and easy to hold up the huge and ferocious body. Two thick coccyx bones are hanging at the tail, and a layer of gray Se cold awn is condensed on the surface.
The head is as big as ordinary people, but there is no facial features. There is a huge eyeball that occupies the whole face. The eyeball is covered with black Se muscle tendons. The white part of the eye has been covered with a layer of silver Se light, and the eye pupil is wrapped in a circle of light blue Se light, which is broken up and shrunk from time to time. How much blue Se light foam bursts?
You can’t see a trace of Reese, and there is a little silver Se magic pattern left on your left face. You can also be sure that this ferocious ghostlike monster is the handsome Emperor Reese.
The sole of the foot is divided into three equal parts by the cleft tendon, and the thick keratin covers the whole instep, and a large number of glittering and translucent jade white Se broken bones adorn it like ornaments.
The figure is two laps bigger than when we met last time, which is worse than eating April fat.
Looking at the twitching facial muscles from time to time, I was agitated and growled at Lord Reese. Everyone lowered their bodies and quickly retreated to get away from this monster. The purpose of everyone coming here is not to help justice kill mad dog Reese.
Bang! Reese’s big eyes burst into a huge blue Se cold mountain, which made this big guy seem to be awake a lot.
Goo ~! Hey ~! Eyes blinked and fell on everyone who was about to leave the cave.
The living creature seems to have a special stimulus to this mad dog. Immediately, it roared with a big eye, black muscles and muscles, and the blue mountain in its eyes filled with a solid blue Se beam, but it made ripples all around.