After that, Ma Yuan led the army to the western expedition, and the heroic deeds of the Qiang reached the end. The Qiang was poor and handsome, and hundreds of thousands of people died, and more than 10,000 people learned that Longyou was quiet.

Then the rebellion in Nanping went deep into the hinterland of Nanman and won a great victory. Long live all the officials and scholars.
My blood boils.
However, I quickly noticed that the imperial court rewarded him with … giving reinforcements a ride to appear before the rank of Jiuqing.
I vomited a mouthful of sulking. Did the imperial court not take the matter of pacifying Nanman Xiqiang as a great achievement?
Less than a year after returning to Beijing, he continued to lead the troops to meet the Xiongnu and Wuhuan thieves.
Wuling Nanman’s antilocal army can hardly break Ma Yuan’s 62yearold army to break the thief army in Nanda.
Finally, Ma Yuan’s victory was framed, and then he was frustrated, and eventually his colleagues and officials exposed his frugality. The emperor flew into a rage without saying anything, and Ma Yuan’s daughter dared not bury her bones and could not return to her native land.
One of the reasons is that … he brought a truckload of rice things from the south and was slandered for not handing over the pearl jewels to the court and distributing them to the ministers.
I suddenly burst into tears and choked up.
Chapter 57 Cai Yong dance pen and ink before.
Son of a bitch is never a good thing.
I want a republic.
I want democracy.
Let’s just abolish the feudal monarchy.
The idea popped up in my mind.
I myself shivered with a jerk.
There’s nothing good about a democratic Republic. I’ve always thought so.
The most important thing is … Old roots don’t know what a democratic republic is!
Elect a president, prime minister and form a cabinet government. What?
A science student, I would rather study gunpowder.
Know nothing about the old roots of government structure
Fortunately, I know that I am not simple enough to choose a president as a democratic society.
In fact, influenced by the strong imperial atmosphere in our country for a long time, I have always believed that emperors are the men who should pursue life.
This has led to several verbal and physical conflicts between me and Marten.
More than ten years of real life has made me constantly suppress this difficult idea.
It has almost dissipated in recent months.
I am even influenced by Marten to prepare for Liu Xie to revitalize the great cause of Dahan and dedicate my young life.
But at this moment, the idea suddenly revived
I can’t help but take a heavy breath.
Cai Yong asked quietly, Is Chaoer crying?
I hate the misfortune of my ancestors. I hid my face and wiped away my tears.
Emperor Guangwu is already a generation of heroes, if not? Cai Yong smiled slightly.
I quickly recovered from my grief and looked at him warily … You, Sigh, don’t want to talk me out and expose me as a soninlaw for three days, do you?
My little husband doesn’t say anything at the moment.
Cai Yong shook his head, stopped asking and asked, What is the character of Xianxu?
I Zheng wanted to think, My little husband feels the same way with tears, and I’m afraid I can’t have Sima Qian’s regeneration.
Cai Yong smoothed her beard again and laughed. You make my father blush.
My soninlaw doesn’t understand historical records. It’s just a feeling. I already called myself a redneck. What do you have to ask me?
Cai Yong didn’t believe it and pulled out a few pages of tissue paper from a stack of papers. What about this?
It is Cai Yan’s handwriting that the font is slender and round.
It was Cai Yan who secretly memorized seven poems from the room before she got married.
It was the little poem written by my husband in the early years that made Yuezhang laugh because of children’s play. I was afraid that he would immediately give me a proposition.
Children play? Are you playing too much? Cai Yong folded his double sleeves and smiled. Although these little poems are short, they can be read with cadence and rhyme at the end of the sentence. Obviously, there is a great deal of effort. Although Yanzhuo also knows that this skill can not be learned in two or three days.
I can’t help but say nothing. In my opinion, these poems are just introductory poems for the third grade of primary school. Although the fivecharacter poems have developed to a quite mature stage, my understanding of them is only simple and easy to understand.
Yan Er asked you to do fu that day? He turned the conversation again.
I can nod, It’s my little husband’s disappointment if he can do it.
I didn’t let you go to bed that night? His face gloated.
I quickly corrected, We just don’t have that … but my little husband is in bed.
Oh Cai Yong motioned for himself to continue to ask the next day? How do you make up?
Uh … I hesitated to report the progress of the work to my fatherinlaw a little truthfully. After my sister had a hearttoheart talk, the feelings of sharing a ride were cultivated …
Cai Yong’s eyes are flashing and his expression is very strange. If you have a hearttoheart talk?
Fatherinlaw, are you too inquisitive? !
I vaguely replied, I just explained to her what this poem can’t be done casually …
Old Cai is sitting upright and will want to continue to ask impulse pressure. Well, I heard that you once said that’ articles are timely, songs and poems are in harmony’? Very insightful!
Yuezhang praised … I was very surprised when Nuo Nuo replied to my heart. It was only two days ago that I remembered to show off in front of Wenchi. How was he informed so quickly? Did he arrange undercover in the government? Cai Yanxian didn’t have a chance to run out; Xiao e? Forget it. It’s no big deal. It’s all me. I won’t dispute with my fatherinlaw.
If you don’t have anything at ordinary times, you can come to Dongguan and compile historical records with me. Cai Yong sent me an invitation. Lu Zhi and Han said that some people will come around.
Sweating profusely, I quickly declined the joke that Yue Zhang thinks highly of his soninlaw, and he knows how dare he work with these great scholars! Uncle, I didn’t even learn how to use words. When Lu Zhi said, Meng Yue died directly, so I might as well keep smelling it silently.
Finally, some human nature in Cai Yong didn’t force him to pat his forehead too much. It’s also that you are still young and suddenly there is nothing to say when you sit with us old men … Oh, but you are very welcome to come to the old lady.
Is it Xie Yuezhang’s little husband who might go back to see you if he has the chance? I heaved a sigh of relief.
Cai Yong smiled and straightened up, paving an old piece of paper for me to write.
My heart jumped and I looked at him almost imploringly. Yue Zhang … What do you want?
桑拿会所Uncle! Didn’t you just make it clear? Push me again? !
I won’t let you do fu. Cai Yong hid his long sleeves and looked at me kindly. Why do you have to write a poem to commemorate me when you finally came to my house?
… What logic is this? You’ve been to my house several times and I haven’t seen you take the initiative to inscribe.
While searching in my mind, I begged him, What does Yuezhang want my little husband to write?
He blinked. Do you want me to give you a question?