Xiao Gu is to help Qian Laoguang watch and monitor the black dress person and see that he is Qian Laoguang’s confidant.

It’s the boss
An argument that was so hot that the gun was used was just a cup of tea. Qian Guangdao said that Xie Gen didn’t dial the gun himself and was knocked down by Lu Tianfang’s bodyguard. Han Yanyan also got up and sent money to Lao Guang like she didn’t know it.
Don’t forget to kick your son. Come and see you off, Uncle Qian. Don’t look so bad.
Don’t send Lu Tianfang knew from his mother’s mouth that his mother was not sure what to suppress, but he just wasn’t happy to cooperate and put on a pair of clouds and light winds.
This kind of him has eliminated Qian Laoguang’s only suspicion. If Lu Tianfang is as generous as Han Yanyan, he will feel strange. It’s not like my uncle said that you are not young. My uncle has come out to do things when he is your age. It’s not decent for you to wander around all day.
Uncle said that you heard it? Han Yanyan pinched a handful again
Hum! Lu Tianfang turned her head away from Qian Laoguang and her mother.
Don’t take it amiss for this child to spoil the old money. Han Yanyan said earnestly again, What about the gun? It can be used as a weapon to defend itself and get into trouble. She said that she took the money from Ou Yunkai and brought the gun back to him. You’d better handle it properly.
This time, I was impulsive, so forgive me. Qian Laoguang gave a gift with his fuels and then took people away.
After seeing him off, Han Yanyan went back to the sofa and continued to drink her tea. Lu Tianfang rubbed against his mother. How many copies did you make of mom’s notes?
Ha ha ha Han Yanyan pinched her face with a guess
What is that account?
How much did you give Wang Yingying?
It’s the same as seven million units.
Of course, it won’t become a ruble or a yen, and the won is either a dollar or a euro. It’s really a big deal. Wang Yingying got a little bit of this vote … What the hell is that?
Money smuggling private account has been a maritime account since ancient times and has its own smuggling private account.
What are you going to …
His head is already in danger. How can he be worthy of his care for us over the years if he doesn’t add fire? Han Yanyan giggled and gave a distant supercilious look to the noble who would make further progress. Your uncle Zhan has been with me for so many years, and I’m going to give you uncle Zhan. Do you mind?
Of course I don’t mind. Don’t say that he knows his mother. No matter how much he loves men, she will also seize the economic lifeline. Uncle Zhan will get 30% plus the control that can be recovered at any time, which is to give … Lu Tianfang is also unpreparedness. This child is not short of money or money since he was a child.
You! Han Yanyan shook her head knowing her virtue. Some people are born with a good life. This fortune teller says that he is a blessed man. He is not busy and naturally enjoys life. She also gives up training him to be such a smooth operator … still so naive and immature, virtuous and lovely. It’s so interesting that Lujia is rich that it is no longer necessary to struggle. If you struggle again, you will gain attention in your own home …
That Wang Yingying …
Section 51
Xiao Gu was her first lover
They had already got the visa, bought the plane ticket, picked up the horse and flew away … Qian Duoduo was the root, not Qian Laoguang, his father, or Gu.
However, since ancient times, wealth has moved people’s hearts. It may not be so beautiful to go overseas to enjoy life with such a large sum of money. If Xiaogu is true love for Wang Yingying, he will not let his wife and children accompany him for so many years.
What about money? It’s not a good way to go, and it won’t be a good way to go. After so many years of ups and downs, Fu Han Yanyan has seen many people waiting for the show, and she is not optimistic about the future of Wang Yingying and Xiaogu at all.
The day before the Spring Festival, there was a sensation in the city news. Every day, in the news broadcast, the big man who brushed his face fell down, together with the money family, and Lao Guang was arrested and imprisoned. The money family in Guangdong was also stewed with a spoonful of money. Lao Guang’s women went their separate ways in their private houses. It is said that the second child finally stole the boss’s precious jade jewelry, and neither of them climbed and bit each other and was caught as a tainted witness.
The third child runs the fastest and farthest, taking the daughter with the baby in her stomach and checking in in advance. The United States prepared the moon room in advance, and the baby was born as an American citizen. It was dark in the United States. I heard that I married another American husband and reappeared in the eyes of the people of the country. It was already social news that my daughter robbed her stepfather as her husband, and she left in a mess with her son.
Qian Laoguang was sentenced to ten years, and the first wife was the most involved and was completely sold by her sister. She was sentenced to five years of meritorious service and was sentenced to probation. The second wife managed to make ends meet.
Like everyone else in the Qian family, there are different punishments according to the size of the crime. Old Mrs. Qian took her first wife and three daughters and sat on the mountain with her savings. I heard that the eldest daughter worked parttime and finished college and quickly left home to live her own life. I heard that other daughters followed suit. I heard that …
In fact, apart from being afraid of being retaliated by the descendants of the money family, Lu Jiayi, who are the passersby of these money families? But after a few laughs, I turned to other news.
Liu Heming’s staff meeting also lamented that a few words of men’s attention to women’s bodies was caused by the failure of their careers, which began to provoke Han Yanyan to keep condescending. In other words, if Qian Laoguang married four wives and his family involved him into energy, how could he have such a scene?
The fifth chapter 3 Zionist treasure (a)
夜生活Qian Laoguang was arrested, and his company returned the ship to the company, and the partners in the company returned the talents to their jobs. Even Han Yanyan’s plan has been secretly planted for many years. I don’t know how many people have made many means, and I have searched all over the country to find an expert who knows the argot of the sea gang. Finally, I got a kick at the end of the month. It takes a lot of effort to swallow it myself. On the twentieth day of the twelfth lunar month, she was talking at home. Liu Heming came again.
Still busy with money and housework?
It’s already made.
Han Yanyan didn’t want to say too much, and Lu Heming didn’t ask him deeply. He had already acquiesced that this piece was his wife’s private property. Now the husband and wife are more like relatives. Have you contacted Yanyan recently?
Han Yanyan looked up and glanced at him. He was really loyal to his cousin here. Isn’t it already decided to get a divorce? Do you still want to interfere with my being friends with Yan Yan? Since the incident of Liu Fengwu came out, she knew that Yan Yan couldn’t bear to divorce. She was different from herself, and it was an impure love. She would rather not have it.
Alas, Yan Yan is really stubborn, and Wu Shi has regretted it. Yan Yan also likes children. Although she can’t give birth to surrogacy in Canada now, she can give birth to a biological child just like finding a surrogate mother.
However, Feng Wu didn’t do it. He directly derailed and took his loving halflife wife out of the honey pot and threw it in icehouse. She still felt that Feng Wu had a conscience more than Lu Heming. It’s too late to say anything now.
Well, Feng Wu said that all the property in Canada, including the savings of two people over the years, belongs to Yan Yan, and he should not leave his body clean.
Uncle and aunt agree? Both of them are quite literate. One is the retirement of government cadres, and the other is the retirement of cultural centers. It is relatively easy to get along with, but the shortcomings of the old people are as obvious as those of the old people. For example, they are very interested in money and blood. They don’t value sons over daughters. They think that it is the same for both men and women to have grandchildren. Daughtersinlaw don’t want children. They accept this. This is also why Feng Wu and his wife will emigrate. It is really scared by two old people.
They want their children to have offspring, but they don’t want their daughterinlaw to divorce. They think divorce is a shame.
They want grandchildren.
When do you go through the formalities?
After the New Year.