A line of people immediately went out with their heads down Tang Ying angry and stood aside without moving!

Tang Yuanshan gave her a look and said, What are you waiting for? Go out and find it!
I left for a while, but I didn’t find anything to say. I called again and again.
Angered with a big fire, Mei-li zhang and Tang Ying were scared to hide in the room.
After Tang Yuanshan calmed down, he didn’t feel right until he thought about it carefully. Is this girl intentional?
Could it be that this girl thinks that climbing this big tree in Muchuan wants to get rid of him and deliberately provoke him to drive him away?
Tang Yuanshan thinks it is very possible!
At that time-
At dusk, Tang Wan took out his wallet and looked through more than 300 left …
What is this money enough? I stopped a car along the way and went to my friend Xu Ran’s residence.
After spending dozens of dollars, the girl sadly found that Xu Ran didn’t!
Bang bang! Knock on her door for a long time and no one will answer!
Call her on the phone! Look at WeChat again. She left her a message a week earlier. Wan Wan quit her summer job. I’ll see you at school when I go back to my hometown.
Looking at the information, Tang Wan has a feeling of sadness …
I sent a message back, Xu Ran. You are a scourge. Send me some money when you see the message.
I finally ran away from home, and I was so sad that I didn’t have anyone …
Going back like this also seems too unambitious! But besides Xu Ran, she was really embarrassed to let others take her in.
After counting a wallet, there are 250 left. She feels like 250 at the moment …
A few text messages from Didi mobile phone are from home.
There is also a short message from Tang Yuanshan to go home and ask his family to come over.
Tang Wan sneer at one by one to join the blacklist and then re-machine.
The girl dragged her luggage while thinking that Muchuan was really a good patron if it was not the wrong time!
It’s getting dark from Xu Ran’s residence, and this place is remote. There is no last bus, let alone a taxi! She found a cheaper hotel by the roadside to make do for one night.
At nine o’clock that night, Muchuan called the girl in front of his balcony, and it was a machine over and over again.
Is this girl really so eager to draw a line with him? Is she really up to her family’s standards? !
No, she’s not so blind!
The man’s eyes were deep. He closed his cell phone and turned to the bedroom.
At this time, however, Tang Wan is dating the Duke of Zhou with a one-meter-five cot!
The moonlight is thick and a good night’s sleep.
At twelve o’clock noon the next day, Tang Wancai woke up in a daze, ate dinner and hurried to the private sanatorium.
The northernmost part of Kyoto is an advanced sanatorium.
When Tang Yuanshan moved her mother here, she still had a conscience. Later, she realized that he didn’t want people to know that a vegetative ex-wife had lost his face!
How ridiculous!
Xu Ran’s residence is too far away from the sanatorium. She took two buses and took a taxi to get to her destination. How much money is left after all this trouble?
Ward Zhao Yufen lay there because she didn’t see the sun all the year round, and her face looked very pale. She closed her eyes, and the years seemed to have left no superfluous marks on her face. Her beauty remained undiminished, and she was a little different from the picture taken eleven years ago by the bedside.
Tang Wan cleaned her inside and out as usual. When nurse Xiaomei came in, she just helped Zhao Yufen get dressed.
Column often looked at it and laughed, Wan Wan, if you lose weight, you must be as absolute beauty as your mother!
Tang Wan tidied up Zhao Yufang’s clothes and said, Well, I want to reduce it.
Xiaomei’ s whole mouth is O-shaped!
The sun came out in the west? Shake your head every time I tell you to lose weight. Why do you begin to understand today? ! What?
Wringing out the towel Tang Wan gave her a look and smiled, Good health!
Put the towel on the bedside table. She drew a piece of paper to wipe her hand and turned on her cell phone.
Xiaomei simply let go of the record and sat in front of Zhao Yufang’s window. Don’t fool me. Although I don’t often watch the news, this time you and Muchuan are so sensational that the whole hospital is open! After that, she leaned in front of Tang Wan and asked mysteriously, Tell me, is it because of this male god that I lost weight?
Tang Wan shook his head and answered No honestly.
She wants to lose weight. What with him? These people are really imaginative!
桑拿网Xiaomei doesn’t believe in Come on, don’t be embarrassed. After a pause, she asked What’s it like to be with the male god? Do you feel that you are flying?
Smell speech Tang Wan frowned and wondered, What’s the feeling? What flying?
Ah! Xiaomei’s arm lightly touched her and blushed. What did you feel that night with his suite? Muchuan, is that … good?
Tang Wan was a little stupid, and then her round face suddenly burned ruby and her earlobe became red. How did she answer this question?
Section 7
It’s really a pot that won’t open …
Xiaomei couldn’t help but stretch out her hand and gently push her a few Wan Wan Wan when she saw that she was silent.
Tang Wan took a sip of her lip and glanced at her bedside ward round table. Why don’t you go to the ward round? When I came, I saw your dean looking for a room. I’ll be here soon.
Xiaomei was anxious. Hey, I won’t tell you. I’ll go out first!
Tang Wan looked at her finally figure long sigh a sigh of relief a butt sitting on a stool.
However, I still can’t help thinking about Xiaomei’s question about Muchuan just now … OK?
The night before brought her too much shock, and Mu Chuan asked her out the next day, and she didn’t think about it carefully. Now it’s really weird to think about it!
Didn’t you say the first night wasn’t so comfortable? What, she’s okay? Damn it!
The words in my bag are vibrating.